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The captain of a ship, the king amongst men, the light in the darkness – if you consider yourself to be any or all of these things, you embody the very scarce quality of Leadership. This concept can take different forms in different people; and so, it is quite possible that anyone can be a leader at any given time. A very important thing to consider is that not everyone wants, or needs, to be a leader, and that’s okay too! Still, when in the face of adversity, a true leader has the tools to surmount and succeed.

Leadership is quite closely tied to a person’s level of maturity. Early in his career, Michael Jordan, for instance, led the Chicago Bulls in scoring, steals, and other statistical categories. However, he was not a leader. From this, one can gather that leadership is a function of growth. In order to be a leader, one must understand the weaknesses, strengths and motivational forces of those that he/she leads. True leaders are able to maximize those strengths and utilize those motivational forces to make those around them better, whether in sports, the workplace, or friendship so as to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Leaders can make 1 + 1 = 3.

In the aforementioned case, one must be an active participant. They must choose and desire to lead. They see themselves most effective in this way. However, many learn from those around them who are not the vocal or emotionally charged individuals. Oftentimes, people lead by example, whether they choose to or not. These leaders are equally as important, while not as widely acknowledged. Additionally, some leaders-by-example don’t know that they’re providing leadership. When you do something the “right way,” you might be even more of a leader than someone who does that same thing “better” than you.

Of course, leaders would not be leaders if they had no one to lead. Many of those who listen to leaders are not followers, contrary to popular belief. I consider these people to be the “glue,” essential to making any leader feel effective and making any cause seem important. The “glue” people give meaning to that which leaders enact. They provide examples to those who may be completely in the dark about something. The “glue” keeps people together as much as leaders do. They exemplify teamwork and the benefit of the greater good more than any leader could.

With help from the “glue,” leaders can step up and shine. Upon establishing credibility, leaders can play an important role in the lives of others. They provide a model for style, a standard for character, and a guide for the lost. Anyone can be a leader. Whenever someone goes to you in need, you can lead them through it – even if you don’t think you can. Anyone can provide inspiration and get their friends and/or family through the stormiest weather. It takes the will and desire to lead, but everyone has that capacity. If you have this capacity, you will not be able to hide from being a leader; it will follow you whether you want it or not. Remember, that a leader’s influence can go either way, and while “with great power comes great responsibility,” true leaders are not afraid to step up and take the reins. Are you that person?



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  1. i like how you compared the ‘followers’ to ‘glue’ :] pretty cool.

  2. i think the topic of the week is long over due.

  3. soon

  4. so… now that a week has passed w/o a topic of the week, does that mean there’s gonna be 2 for 1 week?

  5. lol or maybe one per two weeks?

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