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21 years old, but you wouldn’t know it

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Pretty much ashamed to admit to this, but I think people would find it oddly amusing. Bored at 1:30 in the morning, I asked my roommate how many steps it’d take to get from his computer chair to mine. He guessed 5, and I challenged him to test his hypothesis. Actual number of steps: 5. Yup, we’re 21 years old trying to figure out this kind of nonsense…

Because I’m an Ad Dork – Part 2

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Here’s a little something I worked on for another advertising class. It’s the continuation of the Mini Cooper “Let’s Motor” campaign. What do you think?


Because I’m an Ad Dork – Part 1

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I’m working on a project for Hidden Valley Ranch this semester, and as I was researching their website, I found this! You’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it. It’s pretty damn awesome if you’re targeting little kids, and trying to get them to eat vegetables with HVR. Anyway, dorks unite and enjoy that link.

Make sure you wear 3 seatbelts…

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…whenever a woman’s driving. Credit & gratitude goes to my roommate Reuben for this link. It’s an homage to women drivers. Strap in, and prepare to laugh.

Knicks, Bulls, and Lakers fans unite…

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…and REJOICE! The latest Basketball Hall of Fame inductee has been announced, and his name is… PHIL JACKSON! How awesome is that?! Anyway, article here. Smile!

Tournament Picks

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For those of you who care, or are looking for an extra opinion when filling out brackets, here’s my Elite 8 and a few upset picks.

I’m not one for too many Cinderella’s this year. Well, maybe one. In any event…

Midwest Bracket: Florida over Winthrop
West: Southern Illinois over UCLA (yeah, that means they’ll beat us…)
East: Georgetown over Texas (yeah, that means they’ll beat my Tar Heels…)
South: Texas A&M over Ohio State(Acie Law IV is unbelievable…)

Florida over Southern Illinois. Georgetown over Texas A&M. Florida repeats as national champs.

Early upsets:
ILLINOIS over Virginia Tech
Winthrop until they hit Florida
Georgia Tech over UNLV
Gonzaga over Indiana
Michigan State over Marquette (if that counts)
Arkansas over USC
Texas Tech over Boston College
Xavier over BYU (if that counts)

Hope I’m right. Hope it helps!

A black US president?

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Not quite yet, but this is kinda interesting. Anna Lo was elected to office. Interested yet? What if I told you that she was elected in Ireland? Oh, by the way, Lo is definitely Chinese and was definitely born in Hong Kong. Somewhere, Barack Obama is smiling. Guess what? Ireland ain’t America.

Full article, click here.

Fuel to the fire within me

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So this woman was in a fight with her boyfriend. Luckily, she had her baby around to use as a weapon to defend herself. No surprises in this article. In the words of Dennis Green, “They are who we thought they were!” You’ll see.

As if hockey wasn’t violent enough

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You know you did something bad when HOCKEY suspends you for violence on the ice.

Chris Simon of the New York Islanders was suspended indefinitely (some speculate for the rest of the season) for hitting an opponent in the face with a stick, as described by this ESPN.com article. That description doesn’t do it NEARLY enough justice because Simon WAILED on this dude. He basically clotheslined the guy with the length of the stick. It’s an AWESOME sight. So visit the link for the rest of the article and links to the video of the actual hit (and it’s numerous replays).

Good job, hockey.

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