Here you’ll find downloadable versions of A-List countdowns and Topics of the Week, including related comments. Enjoy!

The A List
The A List – 1
The A List – 2

Topic of the Week
Topic of the Week – 1
Topic of the Week – 2



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  1. Regarding Week 1 Topic, Rock Star writes: I dont know why, but after reading this, this quote popped into my head: “Politeness costs nothing and gains everything.” Not necessarily 100% the same thing, but it fits in there somewhere, I think lol :]There are plenty of people who need to find a little less time for themselves and give a little more time for others, myself included. I definitely enjoyed your topic of the week =] Selflessness can only help you to love yourself more, if not even loving others more. =] 2/17/07, 2:28 PM

  2. Regarding Week 2 Topic, Rock Star writes: dude i’m totally loving the topic of the week.. for every week lolperfectionist i am, except i don’t go all the way. i’ll settle for a 98% haha. i love how this connects with the selflessness topic. there’s always room for improvement ♥movie star, you know who i always love talking to? you. cos when i’m upset about stupid grades and stuff, you’re there to tell me i’m doing the best i can and i’m doing great, and that because i’m still trying harder i’m doing better than i thought i was, which is basically what you’re saying. do well, and then do even better. you’re my hero.
    2/20/07, 12:20 AM

  3. Regarding Week 2 Topic, Bryn writes: I totally agree…sometimes you don’t realize how bad things ’til it’s too late to change or improve on it. Miss you dude!

    2/23/07, 1:16 PM

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